• Image of Sunnyboy pouch - Green crochet granny

The sunnyboy quilted pouch is named after its inspiration - the Australian ice confection "Sunnyboy". This style of pouch is also known as a humbug.

I have made this zippered pouch out of beautiful fabric, screen printed and designed by Ink and Spindle. The outer fabric is a linen/cotton blend. The bag is quilted, and contains pellon as the batting and recycled vintage sheeting as the lining.

This pouch measures approximately 20cm (8 in) at each length. There is a strap at the top of the bag.

All seams and raw edges have been serged/overlocked.

The sunnyboy bag is perfect for carrying your sewing notions and other crafting odds and ends. Also perfect for your sock projects!

I have included a photo of a Sunnyboy (not for sale) with a 100 g ball of sock yarn so you can see the size for yourself.

Please note that the placement of motifs in this fabric may differ to the one you purchase.

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